April 19, 2024

How to Kill Hunters Quickly in Halo Reach Legendary Like Pro


They are all scary and angry and they like to smash things. Yes, I'm talking about the Hunters. The big giant killing machines.

About Hunters in Halo Game Franchise

Hunters are the strongest and the most brutal species in the Covenant. Though in Halo Reach, Hunters are much tougher than previous Halo games. They are capable of surviving multiple explosive hits. Their armor is much more durable and makes their weak point harder to expose. When being attacked from the front, they can cover both their neck and mid-body by raising their shield vertically.


If you get close to them, they charge melee attack and can kill with just one hit.

It’s already hard to beat Hunters in any Halo legendary mode but if you are playing Reach and that too in legendary, believe me even more difficulties are on your way.

Today I am going to share,

How to Quickly Beat Hunters in Halo Reach Legendary Mode Like a Pro

The first step is to separate both of them, and take them one by one.
Then go in front of the first hunter. Yeah, you need to dodge his cannon fires. Don't get too close, maintain a minimum safe distance.

Wait a while, he will not fire his assault cannon again because you are too close to him, instead he will try to hit you with his shield.
Now wait for the perfect moment. When he does his move, all you have to do is, dodge his melee, then get behind him, and then fire on the rear weak point on his back. It's brownish in color and no armor on it.

If orange (ish) liquid spills then it means you are on the right track, keep going otherwise correct your target.


Then also be ready to dodge again and change position when he attacks again.
Keep circling around him and always get behind him and then start firing.

After firing a few times on his rear/back you will see his armor is broken and his back is open to take damage. This is the best quick way to break Hunters Armor in Halo Reach easily. Now its the time to hit him hard. Don't let anything stop you. Keep pushing him.

Remember speed is your main weapon.

And don't fire too much, I suggest firing half the mag at a time, then wait for his attack and dodge and then get behind and then fire the remaining half mag. Repeat, until successful.

You have to be precise when dodging and getting behind him, perfect timing is a must.

You need to repeat this "dodge, get behind and fire" a few times. How many times? Well, it depends upon your fire accuracy and how long you have fired.

Most importantly always get behind him by circling 'clockwise', because the shield is in his opposite hand.

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Weapon and More Tips on Halo Reach Hunters

I used MA37 as my favourite weapon for Hunter slaying, not because of its damage rate but for its auto firing mode. I also used shotgun, but just rarely. MA37 is my favourite when its come to Hunters.

You can choose the weapon of your choice..
You can also use plasma grenades, try sticking them on his back once that particular spot's armor is broken. It will help more.

whenever going for hunters I always eliminate all the other enemies first. This help to concentrate on the main target, the hunters. I suggest you do the same. Yeah, sure you too might be doing the same, its a good practise.

And don't panic, if you get killed a few times. This strategy needs to be mastered, and will take you some time/attempts to perfect it.

During the battle with Hunters you can see and observe that when you are fighting the first Hunter, say Hunter number 1, and you are quite far away from the Hunter number 2. You will then notice that Hunter No. 2 is not shooting his plasma cannon at you.
It's probably because you are very closely encountering the Hunter no 1 and the AI know that firing at you can also harm the Hunter number 1, whom you are encountering.

Video Overview of Hunter Battles in Halo Reach Legendary

Must Watch The Video at the End of this Article Post

Check this out in the video embedded at the end of this post, or here in this timestamp 00:05:04. Check out this video for what I said above about 'Hunter not shooting' and this video also features 3 Hunter Battles from 3 different Halo Reach Legendary missions mentioned below.

#1: Battle with Hunters in mission ONI Sword Base Halo Reach Legendary.

#2: Fight with Hunters in New Alexandria mission Halo Reach Legendary.

#3: Hunter Fight in The Pillar of Autumn mission Legendary Halo Reach.

In this video you can see that the Hunter No. 2 didn't fire the entire time when I was fighting Hunter No. 1, but only fired when I killed Hunter No. 1. He was about to fire twice, but then suddenly stopped, perhaps because his partner was also in the target range.

In this entire video it can be clearly seen that several times the Hunters suddenly stopped and discharged their plasma cannon because I was very close to them. Instead, they either tried to hit me with their shield or melee, or they were just trying to protecting their partner.

So you can use this to your advantage. They won't fire when you're close enough.

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When the Hunter does his move (shield or melee attack), all you have to do is, "dodge his melee, then get behind him, and then fire on the rear weak point on his back".
Keep doing this, keep circling around him, and always get behind him, and then start firing.

Keep trying, it is better to die while learning and mastering this new skill, than to die in vain.

And then eventually, the Hunter will be lying on the ground, and you will be the Victorious Spartan. Congratulations, you have managed to defeat the Hunters like a pro.

I'm sure you will try and perfect this strategy and will not just defeat Hunters in Halo Reach but in all Halo games, like a PRO.

Please let me know if you have any other tip or trick to defeat Hunters. Not just me but every Halo Fan is keen to know.

Your Feedback and comments are always appreciated.

This would keep you motivated, remember,

"Spartans Never Die, They Are Just Mastering a New Skill".

Watch The Video Guide

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