April 22, 2023

8 Quick Solutions to Fix ChatGPT Not Opening Not Working


How to Fix ChatGPT Not Working Not Opening: 8 Solutions

ChatGPT is an AI-based language model developed by OpenAI that can assist users with a wide range of tasks. Chat GPT can be widely used for various purposes, such as chatbots, language translation, chatbot conversations, text content generation, and so on. However, like any software, sometimes users may encounter an issue where ChatGPT fails to open properly. In this article, we will explore 8 Quick Solutions to help you fix the problem of Chat GPT not opening.

Many people recently started complaining about the issues that they are having issues with ChatGPT, it is not opening for them. I also faced the same issue a few days back. After 2 days of continuous headaches, a lot of research, and troubleshooting I did find out the cause and resolved the issue of ChatGPT not opening on any of my browsers. How? I'll let you know how my issue got resolved in the end. You first need to try these solutions one by one. So let's start,


Check ChatGPT's Server Status

If you're having trouble opening chatGPT, it could be due to server issues. Chat GPT might really be down due to server load. The first thing you should do is check ChatGPT's server status. This will let you know if the service is experiencing a high server load or undergoing maintenance. To check the status of Chat GPT's servers, visit the Status page of their official website.

Check ChatGPT Status Officially at OpenAI
Alternatively, you can also visit and use a web service called "Down for Everyone or Just Me". There you can check any website status whether it is Up or Down. Just open the link given below, enter the URL of the website you wanna check, and hit enter. It will show you the status. For your convenience, I have added a direct link to the chatgpt status check on

Check ChatGPT Status on 'Down for Everyone or Just Me'
If that's the case and ChatGPT's servers are really down, you can do nothing other than wait. You need to wait until they're back online before you can access the application again. If no maintenance or server issue is going on, then you can move on to Solution 2 below.


Check Your Internet Connection

ChatGPT won't be opening, this might be due to a poor or unstable Internet connection. chatgpt is an online AI language model, which means it requires a stable Internet connection to function properly. If your Internet connection is weak, slow or unstable, it may not open. Make sure that your Internet connection is stable and has a good speed.


Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies

One of the most common reasons why ChatGPT won't open might be because of the accumulation of cache and cookies on your browser. Clearing the cache and if needed then cookies as well can help you resolve the issue. Let's try this. Here are the steps to clear cache and cookies on different browsers:

Clearing all cookies will sign you out of websites that you are logged/signed in to, you would need to log in to all of them again. But clearing cache data only will not affect your logins.

  • Google Chrome: Go to, at the top right, click More (3 Dots) > Settings > Privacy and Security > Clear Browsing Data. Here you can choose from Basic or Advanced as per your knowledge and needs. Select the time range and the types of data you want to clear and click on Clear data.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Go to, Tools > Settings > Privacy and Security >  > Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data. Here you can select 'Cookies and Site Data' or 'Cached Web Content'. If you don't want to keep your existing logins then you can select and clear both and you will need to login in again on all of them, otherwise select Cached Web Content only.
  • Microsoft Edge: Go to, Settings and more > Settings > Privacy, search, and services > Clear browsing data. Under Time range, choose a time range from the list. Select Cookies and other site data, and then select Clear now.


Disable Browser Extensions, Specially ChatGPT Extensions

Another reason why ChatGPT may not work may be one or more of the browser extensions. Some extensions may interfere with the functioning of ChatGPT, causing it not to open. Specially the ChatGPT extensions, I mean extensions that are only developed to use with ChatGPT such as WebChatGPT, ChatGPT Writer, ChatGPT Prompt Genius etc. To fix the problem, try to troubleshoot by disabling your browser extensions one by one and see if this resolves the issue.

Here are the steps to disable extensions on different browsers:

  • Google Chrome: Go to, chrome top right, click More (3 Dots) > Settings > Extensions. Turn off the toggle switch next to the extension you want to disable.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Go to, Tools > Add-ons > Extensions. Toggle to turn off the extension you want to disable.
  • Microsoft Edge: Go to Settings and more > Extensions. Select the toggle next to the extension you want to disable.


Update Browser

Outdated browsers can also cause ChatGPT not to open. Updating your browser to the latest version can help you resolve the issue. Here are the steps to update your browser:

  • Google Chrome: Go to, the top right of Chrome, click More (3 Dots) > Settings > About Chrome. Chrome will automatically check for updates and install them.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Go to, Tools > Settings > General > Startup. here you can see the Firefox Update Status.
  • Microsoft Edge: Go to Settings and more > Help and Feedback > About Microsoft Edge. Edge will automatically check for updates and install them.


Try a Different Browser

One more thing you can do is to, try accessing Chat GPT through a different web browser. Sometimes, the issue may be with the browser itself rather than with chatgpt.


Check your AntiVirus Software and Add Exception

If none of the above solutions work, you may as well check your Antivirus program and make sure that it is not blocking the chatgpt application. I strongly suggest that you should add ChatGPT App URL as an Exception to your Anti-Virus if it has such an option and allows you to do so. So that the Antivirus adds the app to its trusted websites/programs list and would not block it.
I'm using AVG Internet Security and it has this feature to add exceptions. If you are also using AVG AntiVirus then follow the below steps:

How to Add Exception to AVG Internet Security


1. Open AVG and click on the 'Menu' at the top right of the AVG user interface.
2. Go to 'Settings'
3. Under 'General', select the 4th option 'Exceptions'
4. Now Click 'Add Exception'. Here you can add any URL that you want AVG not to block or check. Can also add a Folder or installed Program, right below.
5. Now add, click 'Add Exception' and close everything.

I suggest to close the browser and reopen it. Check now, if is it working or not. Still not? OK move on to the next, Bonus and Final Solution.

Solved: ChatGPT Not Working, Error 'Please standby while we are checking your browser'


Check your Computer for Anti-Tracking Software

If you've tried all the above 7 solutions for ChatGPT not opening and still failed, then this might be Gold for you.
In your Computer, look for any Anti-Tracking Software you have installed. Or It might be a part of some AntiVirus software, like in my case, AVG. AntiTracking programs could also cause issues accessing ChatGPT. It might prevent Cloudfire to verify your identity, thus interrupting the connection between the browser and GPT servers.
Try to turn off the AntiTracking Software you have on your Computer. If it is not allowing you to do so, then you can disable the specific service of this tracking software from the "Windows Service Manager", as I did.

So what I did and How I resolved my issue of ChatGPT not opening, which I told you at the beginning. Well, after I tried every possible resolution, I luckily found that it is the AVG AntiTrack software that was causing the problem in the first place. And I was surprised because I was no more using the AVG AntiTrack, it was uninstalled months ago, but the service was still there up and running.
So I simply went to "Windows Service Manager" and, first stopped the AVG AntiTrack service, then I Disabled it permanently. Disabling is important guys, because if you do not Disable this service it will restart on the next Computer startup.
So Disable the AVG AntiTrack service, then restart your browser and check whether ChatGPT is now working or not. I hope this final solution would work for you if the rest 7 did not.


ChatGPT not opening can be frustrating, and here I have provided the 8 quick available solutions to resolve this issue, including my personal experience with the same issue, it's troubleshooting, and finally the resolution. Checking the official server status of the product, clearing cache and cookies, disabling browser extensions, checking Internet connection, updating the browser, Checking AntiVirus, and lastly Disabling AntiTrack Software service. These are some of the solutions that can help you fix the ChatGTP not working problem. One of these worked for me, and I hope one will work for you as well. Let us know your experiences in the comments. Thanks for reading this article.

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