April 20, 2020

3 Ways to Open Read CBR CBZ files on Your Desktop Computer

3 Ways to Open and Read CBR or CBZ files

3 Best Ways to Open Read CBR CBZ files on Windows Computer

Today, the world has become digital. And our beloved comics have also came out of the papers and now they have reached to our computers & Mobiles. I mean, the comics are now releasing in digital form.

If you are a comic book lover, then you must know about CBR and CBZ file formats. CBR and CBZ are the two best known and most commonly used comic book archives. CBR stands for Comic Book RAR (Archive) or Comic Book Reader, where CBZ stands for Comic Book Zipped (Archive). CBR or CBZ file is usually a collection of multiple images compressed in a single archive file. You can open CBR or CBZ files in three easy ways.

1. Extract the Archive (CBR CBZ File) and Access the Images

If you don’t have any CBR or CBZ file opener, you can extract CBR CBZ files using any file compression extraction tool. There are many free tools available for file compression such as 7-zip.

First of all install 7-zip. Now right click on any CBR CBZ file then move your mouse courser on 7-zip, and then click “Extract to YOUR FILE NAME”. Now all the images of your CBR CBZ file are extracted into the folder of same name. You can view these images now.

2. Change the File Extension of CBR CBZ File

Just rename the file extension from (dot)CBR to (dot)rar and (dot)CBZ to (dot)zip. Then use any file compression extraction tool and open the images of your eComic book.

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3. CBR CBZ file opening Tools/E-Comic Reading Tools

To read the digital comics (CBR and CBZ files) you need a software, tool or a App which can open the CBR and CBZ file format. There are several tools available on the internet which can open digital comic book archives (CBR-CBZ Files). But we need the best of them as well as be available for free.

Best Free Software/Apps to Open and Read CBR CBZ files on Windows Computer:

1. CDisplay: Digital Comic Reading Tool



CDisplay is a free and open-source comic book reader program specifically designed for reading comic book archives. It can easily open the popular Digital Comic Book formats like .cbr, .cbz, .cbt, .cba and .cb7. It’s very small in size, less than 2 MB. Although CDisplay is no longer in active development, but it remains the best comic book archive reader.

Features of CDisplay:
  • CDisplay can open JPEG, PNG and GIF images, whether they may be in a zip, rar, ace or tar archive file.
  • Page movement Controls such as, next, previous, first, last page.
  • It allows to view image thumbnails.
  • Automatic Slideshow feature.
  • Manage Favorite directory, recent directory and Set bookmark.
  • You can config image resizing such as, fit-width, fit-height, rotate left-right, Display 2 pages at a time.
  • CDisplay allows you to save a single page of your comic file as image.
  • You can view the images of your comic file in full screen mode or in a windowed mode.
  • CDisplay supports both the Windows versions 32 bit & 64 bit.


  • CDisplay does not automatically add leading zeroes to sequentially numbered images inside Comic Book Archives. Consequently, it reads files in the alphabetical order rather than true numerical order. It means CBR CBZ file images will appear in the same order you arranged in the folder.

Download CDisplay

2. ComicRack: E-Comic Comic Reading Software



ComicRack is another awesome comic book reader program. It is an all in one solution to read and manage your digital Comic library. ComicRack is a multi-functional tool that supports several formats including CBR and CBZ.

ComicRack allows you to browse and search your e-Comics in the library or create folders and lists to organize e-Comics. You can customize the lists and use advanced tools to tag and edit the information for your e-Comics. You can also create lists to display based on e-Comic info such as never read, series, author etc.

Features of ComicRack:
  • ComicRack supports various popular eComic formats like  cbr, cbz, cbt, cb7, pdf.
  • Various page display options, zoom modes, full screen mode, magnifier etc.
  • Allows to view image thumbnails.
  • You can add info to your eComic such as Artists details, Series, Publisher, Language, Review etc.
  • With the Hotkeys Feature you can create and use keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can share your eComic library with your friends over internet with a optional password.
  • ComicRack can convert or export your eComic to  cbr, cbz, cbt, cb7, pdf or djvu formats.
  • ComicRack is available for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit, Android, ipad and iPhone.

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Download ComicRack

Official Download link not working! No problem download ComicRack from the mirror link given below.

Mirror Link: Download ComicRack

Need Help?
Check out the manuals (help guides), you will get solutions related to ComicRack problems.

ComicRack Manual

3. Comical: Digital Comic Reading App



Comical is another good e-Comic reading tool for CBR and CBZ files. It's fast, reliable and easy to use. It fulfill almost all the basic amenities meets which a user needs while reading a e-comic book. In addition to CBR or CBZ file formats, Comical can open the normal archive formats such as RAR and ZIP. It means that if you have compressed your images in ZIP or RAR archives, then you can view them on Comical without changing their extension. I think it is good enough as a basic e-Comic reading tool or a CBR CBZ file opener.

Features of Comical:
  • Comical has a neat and clean interface. It's very simple to use.
  • It supports CBR and CBZ file formats.
  • Comical interface has a mini toolbar on its bottom, by which the user can easily control page navigation, rotate the pages and can check the page numbers. If you don't need this toolbar, you can hide it.
  • Comical has various page display options (fit-width, fit-height), custom zoom mode, original size etc.
  • It allows you to view the images in full screen mode.
  • You can select single or double page display as per your need.
  • Comical has a image filter feature, by which you can select different modes like Box, Bilinear, Bicubic, Lanczos etc.
  • You can view Image thumbnails on the left sidebar, if you need.
  • Comical supports Windows, Linux and Mac.

  • It is a basic comic reading tool, with normal features.

Download Comical

I hope after using these e-Comic reading tools, you will not need any other. But if you need, try out these:





Manga Rock

CDisplay Ex

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Now it's your turn. Share your experiences with us, comments are always welcome.


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