January 11, 2020

iBall Freego G18 Wireless Mouse Review with Pros and Cons


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A mouse is the most common but essential part of a computer system, in some cases even for a laptop. But not everybody is comfortable with the wired mouse, the reason is the long cable. And if you are a laptop user then obviously you would always prefer to use a wireless mouse. So that it will be easy to carry the mouse anywhere in the laptop bag, without the hassle of mouse wire. That's why some users like me want a Wire-less mouse. People these days searching for everything that is convenient and flexible. And the iBall FreeGo G18 is a good solution for almost all wireless mouse needs.

However, before buying a Wire-less mouse, certain options and features should be considered. Must have features like comfort and grip, good Wireless range, great speed, long battery life. And this FreeGo G18 Wireless Mouse fulfills all of these requirements, and that too within a budget under Rs 799 (this is the MRP, you can save more as per the offers available on Amazon or Flipkart). What else anybody can expect at such a price with all these awesome features. Here is my Review of FreeGo G18 Wireless Mouse with Pros and Cons.

iBall FreeGo G18 Wireless Mouse Review, Full Specification, Pros and Cons

If you are looking for a good rich-featured Wire-less Mouse within the budget under Rs 799, then FreeGo G18 by iBall is the right choice for you. Here are the key highlights of FreeGo G18 Wire-less Mouse (ASIN: B01N4VLVAT).

Comfortable design, 2.4GHz Wireless technology, smart link auto-connect, 5 buttons, Speed button, On/Off switch, slot to keep Nano USB receiver, and 10 meters Wireless range. FreeGo G18 is an all-in-one solution for all your Wire-less Mouse needs. All these features in a budget of less than Rs 799-/. And if you buy online from Amazon or Flipkart, then you can also save Rs 250-400 additionally (as per available offer). Right now while I'm writing this Review on Jan 2020, it is available at a good price online. Available for Rs 639/- on Amazon and Rs 509/- on Flipkart.

Let's have a look at the advantages-disadvantage/pros-cons of Wireless Mouse FreeGo G18 by iBall,

Cons/Disadvantages of iBall FreeGo G18 Wireless Mouse:

Button Clicking Sound: It produces a noisy sound while the button is clicked. But it is not that much as compared to the price of this product. It is bearable.
Other Cons: Still looking for...

Pros/Advantages of FreeGo G18 Wireless Mouse iBall:

Auto-Off / Sleep Mode: The first and the main advantage of the FreeGo G18 Wireless Mouse is it's Auto Power Saving, it has Auto-Off / Sleep Mode feature. It Switches Off automatically when not in use (after 10 minutes of inactivity). And to turn it On again, you need to click one of the mouse buttons, and it will Switch-On instantly. This is a most essential feature for any wireless mouse, it saves the batteries from draining. And this Auto-Sleep mode is an additional feature along with the manual On-Off Button. So, it's a win-win situation.
On/Off Switch: It also has an On-Off Button on the backside, which helps to save battery life. You can Turn Off the mouse when it's not in use.
Great Connectivity: Officially stated that it works within the range of 10 meters. Well, I have used it under the blanket from a distance of 3-4 feet and it is working like a champ. And this made me think about how much-advanced technology we are using these days. And to what extent such strong signals are affecting the human body and brain!!! And its results will be good or bad!!! Only time and scientists can answer this. Well, this is not our topic right now, so let's move ahead to our main topic.
5 Buttons: Free Go G18 has 3 additional buttons other than the 3 basic left-click, right-click and scroll button. Additional 2 buttons for universal Back and Forward and 1 for CPI speed setting.
Adjustable CPI Button: It has a separate button for speed selection. And the speed can be set to 800, 1200 or 1600 CPI.
Slot to Keep Receiver: The Nano USB Receiver can be safely kept within the mouse when the mouse is not in use. There is a slot present inside the mouse under the battery slot to keep the USB receiver. Forget the headache of losing the Nano receiver.

Other Useful Features of FreeGo G18 Wireless Mouse:

Comfortable Design: Cool design with great comfort and grip.
Piano Shiny Finish: Ergonomically designed, equipped with optical technology.
2.4GHz Wireless Technology: Smooth and hassle-free instant connectivity.
Smart Link: Auto connect, plug and play.
Speed Selection Button: CPI level can be adjusted in 3 levels at 800, 1200 and 1600 CPI.
2 Additional Buttons on Left Side: These 2 buttons are set as Universal Back & Forward Buttons by default. But you can also customize and use them as any other button if you want. Yes, I mean to replace the functionality of the Backward Forward mouse button with some other functionality, like the Close or Save button. Wanna know how? Leave a comment and I'll write an article/guide on it.
Auto Power Saving: Auto sleep mode activates after 10 minutes of inactivity. Which increase the battery life.
On/Off Switch: It helps to save battery life.
Carry Comfortably: It has a slot to keep the USB receiver inside the mouse.
Long Range: It works to a long distance up to 10 meters.
Faster Speed: It is a high-speed optical mouse and speed level can be set to the maximum speed of 1600 CPI.
Nano USB Receiver: Small size USB nano receiver to connect with Computer Laptop.
Multi-Color: Free Go G18 Wireless Mouse is available in Black + Gun mustard, Black + Dark Silver, Full Black colors.

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Full Specifications of iBall FreeGo G18 Wireless Mouse:


FreeGo G18 Full Specification:
Brand: iBall
Model Name: iBall FreeGo G18
Color: Multicolor, available in 3 mixed Colors Black + Gun mustard, Black + Dark Silver, Full Black
Buttons: 5 Buttons with Scroll Wheel
Interface: USB (Nano Receiver for Wireless Connectivity)
Technology: Optical (Wireless)
OS Support: Windows/Mac Operating System compatible
Power Source: 2 AAA size Alkaline batteries required (included, changeable but not rechargeable)
Power Rating: 5V DC = 10mA
Height: 37 Millimeters
Width: 6.1 Centimeters
Weight: 57 g
Dimensions: 3.7(H) x 6.1(W) x 10.2(L) Centimeters
Warranty Details: 3 years warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

What's In The Box:
In The Box: 1 Mouse, 1 USB Nano Receiver and 2 AAA Alkaline batteries

Conclusion: FreeGo G18 Wireless Mouse Review:

I'm using iBall FreeGo G18 Wire-less Mouse from the past 3 months, and I'm completely satisfied and happy with this great budget Wireless Mouse so far, just except the clicking sound. It has great features like Auto Turn-Off / Sleep Mode, also has an On-Off button, superb battery-saving feature, long-range connectivity, smart link auto-connect, 5 buttons and speed selection button.
All these brilliant features and qualities at a price of less than Rs 799, it's a great deal. Isn't it? I rate 4/5 to FreeGo G18 Wireless Mouse.

I suggest you, feel free to go for iball FreeGo G18 Wireless Mouse.

Buy this Wire-less Mouse from,              

Do you have any queries regarding this Wireless Mouse FreeGo G18? Feel free to ask via comments. Let us know about this review and your experience with FreeGo G18. We would love to hear from you.

Rate Please:
My Ratings: 4/5

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