September 15, 2018

3 Best Free Screenshot Capture Tools For Windows 10, 8, 7

Best Screenshot Capturing Tools for Free

Several times we need to take screenshots on our Desktop computers and Laptops. As a professional, student or for personal use, we all need a good screenshot tool.
Well, the print screen option is already present in Microsoft Windows. But it is very basic, this means you can take a screenshot of the entire screen. Yeah, Snipping Tool is also available in window 7 but the advance options are not present in it, such as a powerful editor, uploading, sharing and much more. That is why a user goes for a third party tool, a better tool with some advance options.

But you do not need to dig the web. Today I am going to tell you about the 3 best Screenshot tools that are available for free. Well, on the Internet you will find too many screenshots tools. But these 3 screenshots tools whose information I am going to give you are not only the best, but are also available free for personal use.

3 Best and Free Tools to Take Screenshot in Windows 10, 8 and 7

These are the 3 Top Free Screenshot Tools which makes your screenshot even more impressive. Be sure to try them, the Screenshot tool you need is one of these three.

1. Lightshot Free and Best Screenshot Capture Tool for Windows

Lightshot  Screenshot Capturing

Lightshot is on the top in my list. Not because it is better among all, but because almost all the required features which we need while capturing screenshot are present in it. I am using it from the past 3 years, and I have never had any kind of problem. Capturing a screenshot, editing, saving, upload or sharing on social media, Lightshot fits on all our basic requirements.

As per its name, Lightshot is a light weight and easy to use application. This tool is very small in size, its installer size is just 2-3MB. It has almost all the features required by the user. While editing the screenshots, you can add text, arrow etc to the images. After that you can instantly upload your screenshot to with a single click and get the links without registering or logging in to any account.

Key features of Lightshot Tool:

  • Easy to Use - It has a very simple and user friendly interface which makes your work with the tool easier and faster.
  • Capturing Options - Lightshot allows you to capture full window or a specific region of your desktop screen.
  • Screenshot Resolution - While capturing you can see the resolution of the screenshot.
  • Multi Output Support - You can save image, Copy image, print image, Share image, Upload image, etc.
  • Hotkeys Feature - You can Capture Screen using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Powerful editors - You can annotate your screenshots with arrows, pen, lines, text, marker, etc in various colors.
  • File Format Options – It has the option to save your Image in both PNG and JPEG formats.
  • Similar image search - It also has an option from which you can search the similar image on Google with a click.
  • Supports Various Platforms - Lightshot is available for Windows/Mac, Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera.

Cons of Lightshot:

  • Screenshot of Scrolling Window is not available.
  • Video Recording is not available.

How to use Lightshot Screenshot Tool in Windows:

First of all download Lighshot from its official website using the link given below.

Lightshot Official Link

Install it, just like any other software. After completing the installation, an icon of a "Purple Feather" Lightshot Icon appears on your taskbar. Click on it or you can press "Prnt Scrn" button on the keyboard.
Now select the screen area which you want to capture or press Ctrl + A to select the entire screen. While you select the screen area, you can see the resolution of the selected screen on the top-left. And on the bottom-right editing, saving and other options will appears.
Use these options according to your need. When your screenshot is ready, use the available option to save, upload or share it on social media as per your need.

That's it.

Is it difficult? Not at all, it is extremely easy and enjoyable.

Enlarge the Font Size in Lightshot Screen Capturing Tool:

When you add text to your screenshot the default font size is small. To enlarge the font size Select all the text using the mouse and press Ctrl + +. Repeat the same to enlarge the font size of other editing options (such as pen, arrow, etc).

2. PicPic Free Screenshot Capture Tool For Windows

Pic-Pic Screenshot Capturing Tool

PicPic is another good Screenshot Tool. It's available free for personal use only. Its commercial license is available for $24.99. It has a lot of essential features plus some advance features too, which are required by a user while capturing screenshot.

Important Features of PicPic Screenshot Tool:

  • Hotkeys Feature - PicPic allows you to capture the screenshot using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Multi Output Support - It allows you to use your screenshot in multiple ways such as save image, print image, sharing on social media, etc.
  • Annotate and Highlight Options - You can highlight your screenshots with a lot of options such as Drawing, Text, Arrows, lines, Shapes, Balloon etc.
  • Powerful Editor - PicPic has a very powerful image editor. You can use the features like Crop, Resize, Rotate, Watermark, Blur, etc and give much more effects to your screenshots.
  • Capturing Options - Using PicPic you can capture full window, active window, scrolling windows or any specific region of your desktop.
  • Multiple File Format Options - It allows you to save your screenshot in four different file formats BMP, GIF, PNG and JPEG.
  • More Advance Features- It has a few more advance features like Crosshair, Magnifier, Color Picker, Ruler, Whiteboard etc, which are very useful especially to the professionals.
  • Supports - PicPic is only available for Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Cons of PicPic:
  • Screenshot of scrolling window.
  • Video Recording is not available.

How to use PicPic Screenshot Tool in Windows:

Download PicPic from its official website using the links given below. Free version is available for personal use only. If you want to use it commercially you can purchase the paid version from the link given below.

PicPic Free Version

Install PicPic Screenshot tool, just like any other software. After completing the installation, an icon of a "Painting Palette" PicPic Icon appears on the taskbar. Click on it and you will get the options. Select whatever you want to do.

3. Jing Free Screenshot Tool for Windows by TechSmith

Jing Basic Screenshot Capturing Tool

Jing is third in our list. It is a good basic Screenshot Tool. Jing is developed by TechSmith, the same company who developed Snagit, another professional screenshot Tool. You can say Jing is the basic and free version of Snagit. But it does not mean that it is a useless tool, it fulfills our basic needs while taking screenshots.

Main Features of Jing Screenshot Tool:

  • Hotkeys Feature - Jing allows you to capture the screenshot using keyboard shortcut.
  • Screenshot Editing - You can edit and highlight your screenshot inserting text, Arrows and box to it.
  • Video Support - You can record what you're doing, I mean your desktop screen (I do not recommend it for video recording).
  • History - You can check your screenshot history, the previous screenshots taken by you.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Use - It is very simple to use, no need to be a professional.
  • Support - Jing supports both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

Cons of Jing:
  • Limited Features - The free version has only a few features available.
  • Registration - You need to be register on to upload or host your screenshots and videos.
  • Basic Image Editor - The image editing options are very less and basic.

How to use Jing Screenshot Tool:

Download Jing from its official website using the link given below.

Jing Official Link

Install Jing Screenshot tool. After the installation you need to register on in order to host your screenshots and videos. You will get 2GB free storage on a new registration.
After the installation and registering you can see a yellow circle similar to a little sun on the top center of your desktop screen. Move your mouse courser on it and you will get the available options.
Click on the + icon and select the screen area which you want to capture. Now you have the options below the selected screen. Select whatever you want, take a screenshot or capture video.

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Besides these 3, there are too many screenshot capturing tools available on the Internet. Some are free, some are paid and some are available for a 30-day trial period. Some of them are:

FastStone Capture, Skitch, Snagit, TinyTake, Ashampoo Snap, Greenshot.

So this is my list, "The 3 Best and Free Screenshot Capturing Tools you can use in Windows 10, 8, 7". Which tool you are using? Do you know of any other good and free available Screenshot tool? If so, please must share with us, your experience will help the others.

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