June 21, 2024

Review Logitech G102 USB Light Sync Gaming Mouse 3 Months Usage


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A mouse is the most common but essential part of any computer, even for a laptop.
But for Gamers, it's not just a normal computer part but it stands side by side along with the other crucial parts like GPU and CPU. It wouldn't be a wise choice if you have a powerful CPU, GPU, RAM, and a quality RGB Case but don't have a mouse that can actually complete your setup. Well, everyone has their own opinions but to me, Mouse must be the best one if not the top one.

After doing a lot of research, I came across the Logitech G102 USB Light Sync RGB Gaming Mouse. And it fulfills all my needs and that too within my tight budget. It's not just good for gaming but it's also great for everyday use or professional work. So today I am doing an after use Review for the Logitech G102 USB Light Sync Mouse.

Over 3 Months After Use Review of Logitech G102 USB Light Sync Gaming Mouse with Full Specification, Pros and Cons

The Logitech G102 USB Light Sync Mouse is the best available solution for almost all of your budget gaming mouse needs. However, before buying a Gaming mouse one should always look for some features that are must and can't be ignored. Must have features like grip and comfort, programmable buttons, sensor, sensitivity DPI, polling rate, and of course weight. And Logitech G102 Light Sync has a perfect balance of all these.

With all these amazing features what more can be expected at this price range? Here is my review of the Logitech G102 USB Light Sync Gaming Mouse after 3 months of usage, highlighting its main features, pros, and cons. I've been using it extensively for over three months now, not just for gaming but for work as well.

Not to confuse it with the 'Prodigy'. The Logitech G102 USB Light Sync Gaming Mouse also has a predecessor the version 1, which is known as 'Logitech G102 Prodigy'. And it has complaints about the double-click issue. And latest, the successor version 2 is the 'Light Sync', of which we are talking about. This is the review of version 2 'Logitech G102 USB Light Sync'.

Logitech G102 The Best Budget RGB Gaming Mouse

Full Specifications & Details of Logitech G102 USB Light Sync Mouse:

Brand: Logitech
Model Name: Logitech G102 Light Sync USB
Color: Available in 2 Color Variants. Black: 910-005802, White: 910-005803
Dimensions: 116.6 x 62.15 x 38.2 mm (Height x Width x Depth)
Weight: 85 g, (mouse only)
Cable length: 2.1 m
Connectivity: Wired USB
Technology: Optical
Buttons: 6 Programmable Buttons
DPI: 200-8000 DPI Maximum
Polling Rate: Up to 1000 Hz (Adjustable)
Response Rate: 1MS
USB data format: 16 bits/axis
USB report rate: 1000Hz (1ms)
Max Acceleration: 25 G
Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM
Hand Orientation: Right Handed
RGB: Yes, Lighting Sync RGB
Cable Type: Regular (Non-Braided)
OS Support: Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.13 or later, ChromeOS
Warranty Details: 2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty (Carry-in)
What's In The Box: 1 Mouse, User documentation.

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Key Features of Logitech G102 USB Light Sync Gaming Mouse

Lightsync RGB Color Wave

Approximately 16.8 million colors in your hand. Choose from 7 pre-ready RGB color presets: fixed, cycle, breathing, color wave, color blend, screen sampler, and audio visualizer. Yes, of course, for advanced features like this require Logitech G HUB software. You can download it free from Logitech Website.

Download Logitech G Hub Software (Official Link)

Classic Design and Comfortable Grip

It has a classic design and the grip is very comfortable. It is super smooth and stylish. And it's very comfortable for long hours of gaming.

Gaming Grade Sensor with Adjustable DPI up to 8000

With the gaming-grade sensor, you will get accurate cursor tracking and responsive performance. Mouse Sensitivity is adjustable from 200 DPI to 8,000 DPI. With the use of Logitech G HUB software, you can set up 5 preset DPI options and cycle them on the go with the DPI button.

6 Programmable Buttons

The classic six-button design provides both comfort and confidence so you can explore and play just like you want. Use Logitech G HUB software to assign in-game commands or OS commands, system controls, Macros or key binds to buttons and simplify your gameplay or work environment.

Optimized Button Tensioning

Primary/left and secondary/right buttons have a Logitech G exclusive metal spring button tensioning system, which delivers precise button actuation and consistent experience—click after click. And provides reliability, performance, and an excellent feel.

Easy Customization

If you’re looking to fine-tune controls or RGB, download G Hub software. Logitech G HUB software lets you personalize RGB lighting, sensitivity, and button commands on your G102 Light Sync Gaming mouse. Assign system commands, shortcut keys, and keyboard commands to the 6 buttons.

Onboard Memory

Take your G102 RGB Light Sync Gaming Mouse with you wherever you go without losing your custom settings. By using Logitech G HUB software and saving your preferences to the Mouse onboard memory you can use it on other computers with no need to install software or reconfigure your settings. It will remember your custom settings all you need to do is just plug and play to any Computer.

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Now let's have a look at the,

Pros/Advantages of G102 Light Sync Gaming Mouse:

#1: Body Build The black matte finish looks beautiful and feels very sturdy. There is no plastic creaking of any kind on the mouse. Its body is made of plastic and the top is smooth and a little shiny. But the sides are completely matte, which makes the G102 USB Light Sync more grippy and easy to grab. And the left-right buttons haven't turned glossy/shiny yet after using it for over 3 months. I mean, there are no signs of excessive use yet, which is what usually happens on the left-right buttons where your fingers touch the same spot all the time. The side buttons are dark shiny black.
#2: Cable The cable is not braided but normal and is really good, enough thick and durable. Length is more than enough about 2.1 Meters.
#3: 6 Programmable Mouse Buttons, Customize as Needed To me, this is a thing that every Gaming mouse should have. At least 6 buttons and that too programmable. And the G102 light Sync fulfill this requirement. Also by the use of Logitech G HUB software you can assign in-game commands or OS commands, system controls, Macros or key binds to buttons and simplify your gameplay or work environment.
#4: Buttons Noise & Hardness Whether it's the button click tensioning, smoothness/hardness! or button click noise/sound, it's doing great in both terms. Buttons have the Logitech G exclusive metal spring button tensioning system, which delivers precise button actuation and consistent experience click after click. The primary and secondary buttons are good enough. Not too loud noise, not very hard neither too soft, seems perfection to me.
#5: On the Fly DPI Shifting Mouse Sensitivity The Gaming Grade Sensor makes the cursor tracking even more accurate and responsive. Which results in excellent performance during your game-play. You can also adjust the sensitivity as per your need starting from 200 DPI to 8,000 DPI Maximum. 5 preset DPI options are also available to set up in the G Hub software and you can cycle them as needed with the Mouse DPI button. This feature is very helpful in gaming. Gamers often need to interchange DPI without pausing or exiting the game. Snipers know this well, yes?
#6: Onboard Memory This is one of the biggest pros that Logitech G102 Light Sync has. The big plus point is its special Onboard Memory feature, of which no one is talking about. Well, after enabling this feature, there is absolutely no need to re-configure the Logitech G102 Light Sync every time you connect it to a new computer. The G102 Light Sync Gaming Mouse can save the settings to its Onboard Memory when this feature is enabled. Now you don't have to worry about losing your custom settings on the new computer. Just plug it in and it's ready. It will remember your custom settings.
#7: Excellent Customizable RGB: Well, I have to turn down the RGB brightness to 35%. Yes, you heard it right and it's not a Con. This much brightness is a good thing, after all, it's RGB we are talking about. I have seen people complaining about brightness and colors all the time. The G102 Light Sync gaming mouse has awesome RGB lighting, which gives you a truly immersive gaming experience. And with the help of G Hub, you can also customize it at different levels. There are 7 pre-ready RGB color presets: fixed, cycle, breathing, color wave, color blend, screen sampler, and audio visualizer. You can also set up a 'Freestyle Mode' where you can specify 3 different RGB colors for the left, right, and back of the G102 Light Sync mouse. The ARGB lighting effects can also be turned off within the G-Hub Software. And the RGB effects are very smooth, just watch the embedded video (soon) and see for yourself.
#8: Easy Controls Customization If you want to have more control over your mouse. Then yes, the G102 Light Sync gaming mouse is the right choice for you. Download the G Hub software and personalize not just the RGB, but also the sensitivity and button commands. You can easily customize all 6 buttons and assign system commands, keyboard commands, shortcut keys, and Macros to them according to your needs.
#9: Weight The final Pro I want to add is its Weight. I really didn’t expect the Logitech G102 Light Sync to be so well-weighted. I thought it would be a bit heavy as it is a budget gaming mouse. But when it finally came into my hands I found that I was completely wrong. It is neither too heavy, nor too light. Perfect for long-time use with the right weight balance.

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Cons/Disadvantages of Logitech G102 Light Sync Mouse:

#1: Mouse Wheel The mouse wheel is OK, overall working fine till now. The up-down scroll is working as it should and the wheel click is also fine. So what's the con? It makes a bit of noise sometimes, not while scrolling, but just with a light touch without scrolling. Sometimes it happens sometimes it not. This will only bother you a little when you are working in a extremely calm environment. I mean, in a completely noise-free room. Watch the video (soon) for this issue at this TIMESTAMP and find out for yourself.
#2: Mouse Size ! Well, actually this shouldn't be considered a Con, though. But let's say, it's perfect for medium hands, and good for bigger hands too. But if you have smaller hands, you might find it a bit big and will have difficulty reaching the first side button. Like one of my colleagues has small hands and she says this mouse is great in all aspects but it's not made for her. But again, everyone has their own opinion and this is an individual choice. The only way to know is to try it for yourself.


So overall at this price range, the Logitech G102 USB Light Sync Gaming Mouse is a great pick for gaming, especially for FPS games. You will get an overall seamless experience not just in gaming but also in everyday use and productivity at work. No other mouse can beat G102 at this price range with having all these features.

This Mouse has received an awesome user rating on Amazon and Flipkart as well. At the time of this review, till May 2024, The Logitech G102 Light Sync Gaming Mouse has 4.4 out of 5-star ratings given by 12,982 global Amazon users. And 4.5 /5-star rating by 6,088 Flipkart users. Now from these stats, you can guess the quality and satisfaction rate of this product.

You can go for it without any doubts. Go and try it for yourself. Do you have any questions, ask in the comments, and I will try to answer.
If you are an existing user then do let us know in the comments how is your experience with the Logitech G102 USB Light Sync Gaming Mouse and also don't forget to rate this mouse here. Rating option is at the top and bottom of the post. Your comment can help someone to make a wise and right decision. And it will also motivate us to provide more honest reviews and stuff.

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So we have just done a three Months after use Review of Logitech G102 USB Light Sync Gaming Mouse. That's all for today.

Thanks for being with us. See you in the next review or article. Goodbye and take care.

Rate Please:
My Ratings: 4.6

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