March 31, 2018

Google Blogger Started Free HTTPS Support for Custom Domains


Google Rolls out Free HTTPS Support for Blogs with Google Blogger Custom Domains

Great News for Google Blogger Custom Domain users. Recently, Google Blogger has released free HTTPS support for all the blogs with custom domains. Now the blogs which are hosted on Blogger and are using custom domains (.com, .in, .net, etc) they are now eligible for the HTTPS support. In short, now HTTPS (SSL Encryption) can be activated on Blogger Custom Domains.

Earlier, the option of HTTP(S) encryption was only available for the Blogspot sub-domains. But now anyone can activate and use HTTPS by purchasing a domain name from any domain registrar and using it on Google Blogger. And that too free of charge. This feature is available at zero cost for everyone who is using Google Blogger Custom Domain. Using SSL on Google Blogger Custom Domain (activating HTTPS), can make your Blog even more secure and popular. And you can also get some key SEO benefits on your blog by HTTPS activation.

If you are Blogging on Google Blogger CMS, must take the advantage of HTTPS support on Google Blogger Custom Domains. Want to know a bit more about it? Or need a step by step guide for "How to activate it on Google Blogger Custom Domain"? Open the link below.

How to activate HTTPS on Google Blogger Custom Domains

However, no official announcement by Google has been received so far. But when we checked 4-5 blogger blogs with custom domains, we found that the HTTPS option is available there for all those blogs. And the notifications for this were started appearing on the Blogger Dashboard from March 29, 2018.


What is HTTPS (SSL encryption) and Why it is Important?

HTTP(S) stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP. Compared to HTTP, HTTPS-enabled websites open on an encrypted connection. When a user/visitor opens an HTTPS-enabled webpage, the communication between its browser and the website is encrypted and secure. Data packets are encrypted in HTTPS, and it secures the visitor/users' sensitive and confidential information. It makes the website safe from hacking. This is the major reason that the most webmasters prefer HTTPS encryption instead of non-encrypted HTTP for their websites.

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Benefits Advantages of SSL Encryption (HTTPS Security):

There are many benefits of SSL Encryption and HTTP(S) Security. Some major advantages are:

  • Security:

    As I mentioned above, it is the secure version of HTTP. When you are using HTTPS, it means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted and secure. No data leaks or breach. HTTPS Encryption makes the website safe from hackers.

  • SEO:

    Search engines prefer HTTPS encrypted website instead of normal HTTP. This simply means that the HTTPS-enabled websites get more advantage in the search engine rankings. It helps to make SEO even more effective.

  • No Security Warning on the Browsers:

    From January 2017, Google Chrome 56 and later versions have begun to flag up websites which collect data like passwords or credit card information on a non-secure HTTP version. While opening any such webpage users receives the warning of "This page is not secure". But if the page is SSL encrypted and HTTPS enabled, then there will be no such warning on the browsers.

  • Users Trust:

    Because of having secure and encrypted connection, users more likely to trust the HTTPS-enabled websites. This will surely raise your traffic count and the number of reliable site users.

So now, Google Blogger Custom Domain users go and get grab the opportunity. Make your blog HTTPS enabled and get the benefit of SSL encryption. And do not forget to share your thoughts on this topic and of course on this article. Comments are always waiting for you.

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