August 22, 2017

Use Android Phone Camera as Desktop Webcam Using DroidCam


Use Android Phone Camera as your Desktop Webcam to make Video Calls Using DroidCam App

Video Calling is now an essential part of our lives. And nowadays it can be done over a Smartphone. Actually, Smartphones have replaced our desktop webcams. Almost every kind of video call can be done over a Smartphone, such as Skype, Hangouts etc.

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But sometimes you need a video call from your desktop Computer, and you don’t have a webcam. The reason for the desktop video call could be anything that can’t be done over a phone. Maybe it is a old mobile having no front camera, or any other reason.

In such a scenario, you don’t need to buy a webcam. Simply you can use you Android Phone’s camera as your Desktop Webcam. All you need to do is download DroidCam App and client installer, install them on the both phone and the Computer. And then follow a very few steps to start a call on your desktop computer using mobile camera as webcam. So let’s start.

How to Use DroidCam App to Make your Android Camera as a Desktop Webcam and make video calls

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store using your Android phone and install the 'DroidCam' App, or follow the link below.

Install DroidCam App for Android

Step 2: Now go to official DroidCam website (Dev47Apps) and download the Client Installer according to your Operating System (it supports the both Windows and Linux). Or follow the link given below.

Download DroidCam Client Installer for Computer

Step 3: Once downloaded, install the DroidCam client on your Computer like any other normal software.

Step 4: Now connect your Android phone to the computer using USB cable. And then on the phone, go to 'Developers Options' enable it, and then enable the 'USB debugging' mode (just check-mark the 'USB debugging' option under 'Developers Options').

Step 5: Open the DroidCam App on your phone, and then in the app settings select the 'rear camera' or 'front camera' according to your need.

Don’t close the app after setup the settings, remain it as is, opened.

Step 6: Now open the newly installed DroidCam Client app on your computer (the shortcut will be on your desktop, after completing the installation).

Step 7: Select the 2nd option "USB" from the top left icons in the client app user interface. If you want to use the phone audio, then select the 'Audio option' too (Video option is already selected by default).


Step 8: Now click on ‘Start’, and a CMD window will be opened for a few seconds.


Step 9: After a couple of seconds you can see the android phone camera on your computer.


Now you can check it on any video calling app like Skype, Google Hangouts etc. These apps will automatically detect and select the webcam from DroidCam source. If it is not detected, you can select it from the settings of that particular video calling app.


Use Your Computer’s Internet on Your Android Smartphone
Now finally you can use your android Phone camera as your Desktop Webcam. No need to spend money on a new Webcam. Please share your thoughts about this help guide/tutorial. Is this guide helped you or not. Comments are always welcome and appreciated. Keep visiting for more new guides and tutorials.


  1. After following the instructions above my LG7 sees the computer but not the other direction. The application running on computer stays gray so none of the options become available. If you've seen this please let me know how it was resolved. Computer is HP Elitebook 8440p with windows 10. Thanks.

  2. Once I finish recording, where does Droidcam put the video?