May 13, 2017

3 Easy Methods to Download Videos on Desktop PC or Mobile

Many of us, actually most of us spend time by watching videos. Purposes are different, some people watching guides-tutorials or learning something new. Some are watching just for entertaining purpose. Whatever is the purpose, but it is true that almost everyone watch videos. Sometime we need to download the videos on our Desktop Computer, Laptop or Mobile Phones.

I know most of you already knows the tips and tricks to download a video. But sometimes the trick we know doesn’t work, or you are on a new platform or device, then you need the alternates.


There are many ways to download videos from any Web Page. And I am going to tell you the 3 best among them. The 3 best and easy ways to download video from any other website, direct to your Computer or Mobile Phone.

If sometimes the first one does not work, you can use the second alternate. If the second one also fails you can try the third. But I am sure you will have no need to try any other method, after trying any one of these. All these three methods are working fine for me and will never disappoint you too.

So let’s start,

3 Working Methods to Download Videos from Any Website to Your Computer or Mobile Phone:

  1. Use IDM the multipurpose downloading tool.
  2. Add Browser Add-on 'Video DownloadHelper'
  3. Try (3 Working Methods)

Method 1:

Use Internet Download Manager (IDM) to Download Videos on PC or Mobile:

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a very popular tool used to download files over internet. IDM has many features which are essential for any Internet user, such as it boosts the download speed, it has resume and schedule download feature. And it has a Video Grabber feature too, due to which I am suggesting you to use IDM to download videos.

IDM fully supports all popular web browsers including IE, Chrome, Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox and many others.

How to Install and Use IDM to Download Videos:

Step 1: First of all download IDM from its official website

Download IDM Official Link

Step 2: Install IDM, it’s very easy to install, just click on next-next and finish (If you want to install IDM in a different directory, simply change the destination folder).

I recommend you to close all your web browsers before starting the installation, because IDM needs to install an add-on to your web browsers.

Step 3: After completing the installation, open any web page having video (from where you want to download the video). When the video starts playing, a pops up button named 'Download This Media' appears on the right top of the player.

See the image below,


Step 4: Click on that button, and now your download has started.

From now, whenever you will watch a video on the Internet, IDM download button will appear above the video player each time. No matter which website is it, IDM provides the download button on every video you are watching.

Update IDM whenever you will update your browser. If your IDM is of older version, then the add-on is not compatible with your updated browser and you will not able to download the videos.

Method 2:

Download Videos From Any Website Using "Video DownloadHelper" Add-on:

If you like to download videos using a browser add-on, then I recommend you 'Video DownloadHelper'. It is an add-on or you can say browser extension and it's built to extract and download videos from any web page. It supports both Firefox and Chrome, and has different versions for the both. Video DownloadHelper add-on is very small in size, just 523kb. And the browser does not required a restart after completing the installation.

Just surf the web, as you usually do. When DownloadHelper detects a video, the toolbar icon will be highlighted, and you can download the video file by selecting item from the toolbar menu.

As a bonus, Video DownloadHelper can also record Twitter Periscope. Just specify search terms and the add-on will capture over night related live streams.

How to Install and Use 'Video DownloadHelper' on Firefox and Chrome:

Step 1: Install the add-on from this link:

Firefox: Video DownloadHelper Download Link

Chrome: Video DownloadHelper Download Link

Step 2: Your browser will ask your permission, allow it. You'll be notified once the add-on is added to your browser.

Step 3: After completing the installation, you can see a new a "3-balls icon" 3-ball-icon in your browser toolbar.

Step 4: Now open any web page having a video and you will see that the "3-balls icon" is colorful now 3-ball-icon-colored. It indicates that it has detected a video and ready to be downloaded.

Step 5: Now click on the "3-balls icon" 3-ball-icon-colored which is colored now, and you will get a list of all the detected videos with available resolutions.

Step 6: Move the mouse cursor on any video you want to download. You'll see a option at the end of that file name. Click on it and you'll get all the available option including Download.

See the image below for better understanding:


Method 3:

Use to Download Videos on Desktop PC or Mobile

'' makes video downloading so simple and easier. With the help of '' you can download videos from various websites and social networks like Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook etc.

There are 3 different options available to download videos using

1st Option: 

Visit the Website and Download Videos

Step 1: Open the link given below, Website Link

Step 2: Enter the video URL in the input box visible at the top of the page. Then press Enter or click on the button to the right of the box.

Step 3: Now you can see the 'Download Option' with various format options to download. Click on Download or the format options. Here’s your download has started.

Check Step 2 and 3 in the image below,

2nd Option: 

Adding in the URL of the Video Page:

Step 1: Open any video URL.

Step 2: Add '' or '' before the video URL and press Enter.

For example:

Step 3: You will redirected to and now you can see the Download option with various format options. Click on Download or the format options. Here’s your download has started.

3rd Option:

Use Browser Add-on (Windows Based Installer) to Download Videos in a Single Click.

Step 1: Download Windows based installer from this link, Windows Installer

Step 2: Install it, I Recommend check-mark 'Install to all browsers'. After completing the installation you need to restart your browser.

See the image below,

Videos Download Guide - Pic 6

Step 3: Now open any video URL. Now you can see a 'Download Button' in your browser toolbar. Click on that Download Button and then select options. That's it.


IDM has been tested on almost all the popular video websites like Vimeo, DailyMotion etc and its working fine.
The 2nd method Add-on is another great option and its work vert well. So I would  suggest it. is providing 3 different ways to download videos and just except the 3rd way, the other 2 are working fine on both Desktop Computer and Mobile Phones.

So now it’s your turn, select which one is best for you. Go away and download your favorite Videos.

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