May 6, 2017

ADM Best Free Download Manager App for Your Android Device

 Last Updated on: 09 Jan, 2020 

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If your routine includes web browsing, then surely downloading will also be a integral part of it. Every person using the Internet downloads freeware, shareware, music files, videos, pictures, etc. And these are the requirements of almost every user. If you are downloading small size files, then there is no problem. But if you have to download large files, then downloading with the web browser's default download manager might be difficult. The situation can be even worse, if you are downloading from an Android device.

In such, you would need an additional third party Android Download Manager App. On the Google Play Store there are many download managers available for Android. But ADM is the best among all of them, and it is free of cost.


Use ADM App on Your Android Device and Forget Web Browser’s Built-In Download Manager

ADM is a download management tool that can download any type of file on your Android device. It makes the download easy, just like you download files on a desktop computer.
I have used several different Android download managers, and my search ended at ADM. For Android, I have not found any other download manager better than ADM.

In a download manager, it is very important to have some special features. Such as resume capability, schedule download, accelerator, multi downloading etc. And ADM has much more than all these features. The ADM app has impressed me with its download features and options, and of course you'll be impressed by it too. Let's take a look at the outstanding key features of ADM App and it's easy-to-use options. Let's start the review of Advanced Download Manager App.

Android Advanced Download Manager App (ADM) Review:

Price: Free
Category: Android Download Manager
OS: Android
Current Version: Varies with device
Offered By (Developers): AdvancedApp
Author: Albert Gazetdinov
Last Updated: November 18, 2019
Ratings: 4.6/5 by 709,637 total users
Support: advdman@gmail(dot)com
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Key Features Pros of Advanced Download Manager App for Android:

  1. Free of Cost:

  2. ADM-App-is-Free-and-Clean-User-Interface

    ADM is available free of cost. Yeah, the free version shows ads. But trust me, these ads are not annoying and they will not bother you, they just appear at the bottom. You will never be interrupted with these advertisements. Sometimes you can see a full screen ad, just click on the top-right and close it. This full screen ad is rarely get to see. ADM is not full of ads like many other Apps, just a few ads and you will not have any problems with them. If you want to get rid of these ads, you can buy the pro version, it is available only for Rs 130/-.

  3. Clean User Interface:

  4. ADM has a very easy navigation and a clean user interface. It has a menu on the left with quick options. And a context menu for easy management.

  5. Resume Capability:

  6. ADM supports pause, resume, restart for downloads. ADM can download the files in the background and it can resume the download after failure.

  7. Multi Downloading:

  8. ADM-App-supports-Multi-Downloading-upto-3-files

    ADM has a powerful download manager for your Android device. It supports multi downloading and allows you to download up to three files simultaneously.

  9. Queue Availability:

  10. In addition to Multi Downloading, you can queue your downloads. The downloads in the queue will be started one by one according to the time you set.

  11. Accelerate Your Download:

  12. ADM use multi-threading (9 parts) for downloading a file. To speed up the download, it creates an empty file of the download size before starting the download. It boosts the download speed up to the maximum available speed.

  13. Option to Download only on Wi-Fi:

  14. Use-ADM-App-and-download-only-on-wifi-connnection

    This is one of the best features of ADM. Enabling this option will start the download only when a Wi-Fi connection is available. It will not download the files over your mobile data. This feature will save on your mobile data.

    Use your Computer’s Internet on Smartphone without Wi-Fi

  15. Support Larger Files:

  16. It allows you to download the files larger than 2 gigabytes. Just start the download, it will run in the background and the ADM will take care of it, you do not have to worry about it.

  17. Notifications:

  18. Notification-of-ADM-App

    You can see the file download progress in the notification, i.e. finished, queue, failed. It provides the information about the downloading speed, size and time in the notification panel.

  19. Built-in Browser:

  20. ADM-has-built-in-brower-and-supports-multiple-tabs

    ADM has a Built-in Browser and it supports multiple tabs. You can also view the history and save bookmarks like a normal browser.

  21. Simple and Useful Control for Downloads:

  22. ADM has simple but powerful controls and options. To start or stop the process, just press the download button. Press completed download button to open the downloaded files, long press the download button to display the context menu.

  23. Add Download links to ADM:

  24. To add a download to ADM, click on any link. On clicking, a window "Complete Action Using" will be opened, choose ADM in it. Now the download will be added to ADM and it immediately start downloading the file.
    Or you can also use the another method. Copy the download link address (using tap and hold), use "Add" button in the ADM App, and paste that link there.  This will also start the downloading. Sometimes ADM editor automatically add the files when you tap and hold a download link.

Other Miscellaneous Features and Settings Options of ADM:

  • User Interface customization and themes selection.
  • Select a Folder for downloaded files.
  • Various automatic actions after finishing the process.
  • Save different file types in different folders.
  • Auto-stop process if the battery charge level is low.

Official Link:
ADM Developers - AdvancedApp

Download from Google Play Store:
Download ADM App Free from Google play Store

So these are the excellent features and the easy-to-use options of Advanced Download Manager App. It is the best free Android Download Manager App I have found so far. What is your opinion about the ADM App? Did your use it? Be sure to share your experiences with us. Comments are always appreciated.

Rate Please:
My Ratings: 4.5/5

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