April 22, 2017

Create Windows Desktop Shortcut For Any Program File Folder

Do you like the long process to find and then run a program, file or folder in Windows? Or do you want a shortcut?

Yup, we all need a shortcut. No problem, there is the way from which you can quickly open or run any program, file or folder in Windows 10, 8 and 7.


Create Windows Desktop Shortcut Icons For Any Program, File Or Folder

Whenever you need to run a program in Windows, you have to find that program in the "Program Files" or "Program Shortcuts" and then you run it. Usually, you would have to go to "Start", then "All Programs", and then you will have to find your required program in that list. But sometimes, it takes the time to find the program. Especially, when you have a long list of installed programs on your computer. In such a situation, you can save your precious time, by creating a shortcut icon on the desktop. No need to locate the program.

You can create the shortcut icons for the programs that you use the most (your favorite programs) on the desktop. This would help you to open the program easily and quickly. You do not need to dig into the “All programs list” to open or run a program. Yes, I know that many of you already know about this Windows feature. But sometimes, we forget or skip the small basic features, that can help us a lot. This is also a small but valuable and time saver feature.

In Windows, there are 2 methods to create desktop shortcut Icons for any program.

Method 1-

Use “Send to” and Create Custom Desktop Shortcut Icon to any Program, File Or Folder in Windows

Step 1: Right click on any program, file or folder. The programs (.exe) files are usually located in C:\Program Files.

Step 2: Locate and move the cursor on ‘Send to’, and then select ‘Desktop (create shortcut)’ in the sub-menu.


This will create a shortcut to the program on the desktop. You can also create desktop shortcuts for the file and folders using the same method.

Create Custom Hotkey (Shortcut Key) to any Windows Program

Method 2-

Create Shortcut From Your Desktop Using Manual Shortcut Option

Step 1: Right-click on the blank space of the desktop.

Step 2: Locate and move the cursor on ‘New’, and then select ‘Shortcut’ in the sub-menu items.

Move-cursor-on-New-then select-Shortcut-in-sub-menu

Step 3: Now browse your desired App, File or Folder in the ‘create shortcut window’. And then select the one for which you want to create a desktop shortcut (Programs/App are usually located in C:\Program Files).


Step 4: Now click ‘next’,


Step 5: Assign a name (optional), and then finally click on ‘Finish’.


This will create a shortcut to the program on the desktop. And from now on, you can run the program from this desktop shortcut.

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So this is how we can create Windows desktop shortcut icons for any program, file or folder. And I’m sure both of these 2 methods will save your time. Please let me know, how was this guide. And don’t forget to subscribe our email newsletter. Get every new article, guide, tip or trick direct to your inbox.

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