February 9, 2016

How to Create Multiple OS Bootable USB Drive in Windows

Do you want to get rid of using multiple Bootable disks and drives to install different operating systems?
If yes, then you have arrived to the right place.

I think most of you would know how to create bootable USB drive. But, do you know how to create a bootable USB drive with multiple operating systems? How about 4-5 different Windows, Antivirus, Live Recovery CD all on a single USB drive? A USB drive in which you can keep Windows 7-8-10, Linux, Android, Rescue disks, etc all together. According to need you can ever install any operating system, without the drive to be formatted and made bootable again.

It’s really a good idea, now you can create a Bootable USB with unlimited number of bootable items on it. (Depends on the capacity of USB)

Multi-Bootable USB

Why a Bootable USB Drive is better than a CD?

Advantages of a Bootable USB Drive in comparison to a Compact Disc Drive:

  1. A compact disc can break easily and it can be damaged due to scratches. Whereas in a USB drive, the prospects of Stretches are zero and the chances of breaking are very less.
  2. A bootable compact disc can be created only once and if a single file is skipped, then the entire disk would be useless. But there is no such problem with the USB drive. Not only the second time, you can re-format a USB drive several times.
  3. The Operating System installation process running through a bootable USB drive is much faster than a Compact disk.
  4. While installing an old system, Compact Disc Reader can deceive you any time. But in a bootable USB drive you would never face such a problem, just plug the USB drive and install the operating system.

So now the question is, How to create a bootable USB drive? Whether you know or not, this tutorial will definitely helpful to you in both the conditions. In this guide you will learn, how to create a multi-operating system bootable USB drive.

To create bootable USB drives, I've been using the same tool since 2010. And all the while I had no problem of any kind ever. While creating the bootable USB drive or installing operating system or while using that operating system. I never encountered any problem. So I would advise you to use the same tool. And that tool is, "Novicrop Win ToFlash".

To Create a Bootable USB drive you will need the following:

  • Desktop or laptop with USB ports in working condition.
  • USB drive with a capacity of 16 GB or more (The size of the USB drive depends on, how many operating systems you want to add to it. If you are going to create the USB with a single OS, then 4-8 GB is sufficient).
  • Novicrop, the tool that will make your USB drive bootable. Download Novicrop using the link given below from its official website.

  • ISO images of the operating systems which you want to add into your USB drive.

So let’s begin,

Step by Step Guide,

How to make a Bootable USB Drive with Multiple Operating Systems:

First of all, Download Novicrop Win ToFlash from the above given link. Then install and run it.

Step 1: On the Novicrop Win ToFlash startup, you will be in 'Wizard mode', select the 'Advance Mode' just next to it. (Or use the other option, just click on 'open multiboot USB creation menu', located below the 'Windows Setup Transfer Wizard').

Step 2: (Skip this step if you are using the other option) select the task 'Create Multiboot USB Drive' the last one under the available options, then click on 'Create'.

Step 3: Now select your USB drive and if it doesn't appear click the refresh button. Then Click on 'Add'.

Double check the USB drive you selected, a wrong selection will erase all the data on that drive.

Step 4: Now a new window will appear, select the OS that you want to add to your USB drive. Assume I do select 'Windows 7 any edition'.

Step 5: Then click on 'Select' in the right side, and add the ISO file of your OS from the location where you kept it.

Step 6: Now, give a name to that OS. This name will be appeared in the OS Boot menu during the OS installation.

Step 7: Then click "Add", located at the bottom.

Step 8: Yes, you have successfully added your first OS into your USB drive. You can see the added item- ID: 0, Name: Windows 7, Type: Win7, etc. To add more operating systems into your USB drive, repeat the same process again.

Step 9: When you will add all your required OS into your USB drive, once again check the USB drive you selected. After confirming, click on the "Run" button at the bottom right.

Step 10: A warning pop up will appear and will ask you to format the USB drive or not. Just click on 'continue'.

The process of creating multi OS bootable USB drive has begun now. How long this process will take, it depends on how many operating systems you have added to it. Now sit down and relax, Novicorp will do the rest for you.

Need more Explanation? See the Image Guide below.

Step by Step Image Guide to Create Multiple OS Bootable USB Drive:

Step 1:
Pic 1 - Step 1

Step 2

Pic 2 - Step 2

Step 3:

Pic 3 - Step 3

Step 4-7:

Pic 4 - Step 4-7

Step 8-9:

Pic 5 - Step 8-9

Step 10:

Pic 6 - Step 10

Now Novicorp is copying Windows files to your USB Drive and making it Multiple OS Bootable. Now sit down comfortably and wait for some time until Novicorp completes the process.

Pictures of Windows installation Using Bootable USB Drive:

Pic 1:

Multiboot OS Installation Pic 1.jpg

Pic 2-3:
Multiboot OS Installation Pic 2.jpg

Go ahead and make your USB multiple OS Bootable.

Novicrop also provides direct download links of few operating systems and essential tools. Such as; Android Operating system, Symantec PC tools, Windows Password Reset Tool, Hiren Boot CD, Kaspersky Rescue Disk, Boot Repair Disk, and many more. You can download them with a single click or by visiting their official website.

Step by Step Guide to Download OS and Essential Bootable Tools Using Novicrop:

First of all Download and Install Novicrop using the above given link, and then run it.

Step 1: At Novicrop Win ToFlash startup you will be in 'Wizard mode', select the 'Advance Mode' just next to it. (Or use the other option, just click on 'open multiboot USB creation menu', located below the 'Windows Setup Transfer Wizard'). See the first image of the above given guide.

Step 2: (Skip this step if you are using the other option) select the task 'Create Multiboot USB Drive' the last one in the given options, and click on 'Create'.

Step 3: Then click on 'Add', now you can see a list of different OS and bootable tools. Click on any item in that list. If that item is available for download, Noviicrop will give two links on the left side. First link will be 'Visit download page', from this link you can visit the official website of that respected item. The second one will be, 'Direct download latest version', by this link you can download that item directly without visiting the  website. You have to just click on it, and your download will begin.

So this is the Step by step guide to create Bootable USB drive with multiple operating systems in Windows. If you have got help from this guide, must tell us after using this guide. Comments are always appreciated.


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