February 3, 2016

Check Computer Laptop Configuration Without Opening Case

Step by Step Guide to Check Computer Configuration

Do you know the full configuration of your desktop or laptop?

The expected answer is "Yes I know, I have a desktop computer with i3 CPU, 4GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive."

Knowing only about the RAM, Hard disks, Graphics, etc., doesn't mean you know the complete configuration of your computer. If you know then please answer these simple questions

What’s the memory of your graphics card and how much of it is available to use? Which Technology is your CPU using and it belongs to which family? What’s the current Temperature of your CPU? Is it normal or high?

Do you know about your Operating System completely? What's the status of your Windows Services, Updates, Firewall, etc?
Do you know your Hard Drive status? About its Capacity (Not the label size), Temperature, Supported options, etc?

Maybe you are getting angry now. OK, let's come straight to the point. A very few of us check computer configuration so deeply. More than half of our problems would be resolved, if we know the things correctly. Don't wait for the problem, try to prevent it from arising. 

So today I'm going to tell you about an awesome Windows tool, which might be useful for everyone. Maybe you already know about it. But if you do not know then, it may be quite useful. Use this tool and dive deeper into every aspect of your desktop-laptop hardware (and a bit software too).

How to Check your Desktop Laptop Configuration in a Single Click without Opening the Case:

Use "Speccy", it is built by the developers of the famous PC Tune up Utility CCleaner. Speccy is an award winning fast and light-weight computer information gathering tool, it runs under Microsoft Windows. You can find out what’s inside your computer with the help of 'Speccy'. It can give you all the information you need with just a single mouse click. With the help of Speccy you can get detailed information of every hardware device attached to your computer. Such as CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Graphics, etc. If you are using Speccy, then there is need to use different methods to check the status of different hardware devices connected to the Computer Laptop.

Know your Computer Configuration - Speccy

Key Features of Speccy: a Free Computer System Information Tool:

Free of Cost:

Off course 'Speccy' is available for free of cost by its developers. You can also buy the pro version (paid) of Speccy at $19.95. The paid version offers 2 additional features, Automatic updates and Premium support.

Small in Size and Fast Performance:

Speccy is just 5MB to 7MB in size. It is easy to download even on a slow internet connection. It doesn't take much time to analyze your computer, and the results are shown immediately. It  also offer a portable version for installing on USB drives.

Show Real-Time Temperature of Critical Components:

You can keep an eye on your CPU and Hard Disk temperature. With this feature you can prevent a problem before it became a serious headache.

Save Snapshots:

Don't treat this one as Screenshot. Don't think that it is just an image capturing option. People often make mistakes in understanding the difference between screenshot and snapshot. To understand the difference between screenshot and snapshot, do a Google Search.
OK get back to the main topic, Save Snapshot in Speccy. This feature is just more than a screenshot catcher. It is not only an image, it contain full configuration details of the computer from which it was taken. When you will take a snapshot using Speccy, the snapshot will be save as '(dot)speccy' extension. You can open these snapshots on any computer on which Speccy is installed. Or you can install Speccy on the computer to open the snapshots. In short, by Speccy snapshots you can Share your Speccy data with someone else on any Speccy enabled Computer.

Speccy Snapshot Opened on other Computer

Save Computer’s Configuration Information as xml or text file:

You can collect the information of your Computer configuration in the form of (dot)xml or (dot)txt.

Check Network Information:

Also you can get the information about your Network such as IP Address, Subnet mask, Gateway server, DHCP, Wi-Fi etc.

Supports Windows XP or later:

Currently Speccy supports: Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1 and Win 10, including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

If you are using Windows 10 then use Speccy 1.30.730 or later.

Download Speccy from its Official Website:

Download Speccy - System Information Tool

So now it's your turn, download Speccy from the above given link. Install it and check your Desktop Laptop configuration without opening the case.

And please let us know your opinion about Speccy. Leave a comment if found this post useful.

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