January 9, 2016

Disable Unwanted Windows Startup Programs Using 3 Methods

Is Your computer takes too much time to startup? Are you bothered by the slow computer startup? Want to disable or remove the unwanted Windows startup programs from your computer?

Then you've arrived to the right place. Boost you Computer Laptop startup using this step by step guide.

Best 3 ways to disable unwanted startup programs

3 Best and Easy Methods to Disable Unwanted Windows Startup Programs to Boost Computer Startup:

When you install programs / software on your computer, some of them set automatically to Windows startup. As many programs are in the startup, as much the computer will slow down. To increase the speed of computer startup, you will have to disable unwanted Windows startup programs.

You can disable Windows startup programs using different methods. Here I am going to describe some of the best and effective methods step by step.

Method 1:

Disable Unwanted Windows Startup Programs Using 'MS-Config Utility':

MS Config stands for Microsoft configuration. It is a windows default feature from which you can manage Boot, Services, Startup and launch other windows programs directly such as CMD, Registry Editor, System Restore etc.

Guide to Disable Windows Startup Programs in Windows 10 and 8:

Step 1: Open 'Task Manager' using 'CTR + Alt + Del', or just right click on the taskbar and then click on 'Task Manager'.

Step 2: Below the main menu (File, Options, View), click on the 'Startup' tab the fourth one.

Disable Windows Startup Programs in Windows 10

Step 3: Now here you can see the complete list of 'Windows startup Programs'. Just right click and disable the program, which you don't want to be include on Windows startup.

The Full Details on the Task Manager are not appearing? Just click on 'More details'.

Step 4: Now restart you computer.

On the next start-up, you can see the changes you made.

Guide to Disable Unwanted Startup Programs in Windows 7 or XP:

Step 1: Click on the 'Windows start button' or simply you can press 'Win key + R'.

Guide - Disable unwanted startup program Pic-1

Step 2: Type msconfig in the 'search box', or in the 'RUN Dialog box'. And then hit enter.

If you are using Windows XP then type msconfig.exe, only msconfig without '.exe' wouldn't work.

Step 3: UAC will ask you to allow or not, just click on 'yes'. Now a new pop-up window named 'System Configuration' will appear.

Step 4: In the 'System Configuration', click on the 'Startup' the 4th item in the menu options.'

Step 5: You'll see a list of Windows startup programs. Now uncheck those programs, which you do not want to start with Windows.

Be aware While doing so, do not disable or uncheck the necessary startup programs. We recommend, uncheck only those programs which you have installed yourself.

Step 6: Now click on 'Apply' then 'OK'. System will ask you to restart or not, just restart your computer.

Guide - Disable unwanted startup program Pic-2

On the next start-up, you can see the changes you made.

Method 2:

Change the Setting of the Target Program to Disable it from Windows Startup:

Step 1: Open the program which you want to disable from Windows startup.

Step 2: Every program has its different settings and options. Suppose you are going to remove the program 'IDM' from the startup. Then you will have to search for the option somewhat similar to, 'Autostart' or 'launch IDM on startup' or 'Add IDM to startup' in its settings. Usually it is under settings, preferences, options, general or tools.

Step 3: When you do find that option, simply Uncheck that Autostart option.

Now close the program and restart your computer Laptop. The changes take effect on the next Windows startup. 

Method 3:  

Use a Third Party Software to Disable Unwanted Windows Startup programs: 

There are many third party tools are available to detect and disable the Windows Startup programs. And some of them are better and have more features than the 'MS Configuration Utility'.

Few of them are:
Microsoft Autorun, CCleaner, AVG PC Tune Up Utility, Revo Uninstaller etc.

You can download any of the above program from their official website. Google them.

After using this guide practically on your computer, please tell me about your experience. So that I could improve this platform and could provide even more important tips.

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