September 25, 2015

Internet Explorer Gone now Microsoft EDGE is On- Windows 10

Internet Explorer is Microsoft Windows built in Web Browser. But very few users use Internet Explorer, mainly because of it’s slow performance compared to other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

Microsoft Edge Web Browser

Microsoft Edge is Going to Replace Internet Explorer:

So here is good news for Microsoft Windows lovers, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer Will replaced with a new web Browser. No more modifications In Internet Explorer this time. Microsoft has decided to close Internet Explorer and launch the new web browser "EDGE" in Windows 10. EDGE was previously known by its code name “Project Spartan”. Microsoft officials said the Edge is lighter and faster than Internet Explorer and full of new advance features. Edge Browser would be available only for Windows 10 and above versions.

At the Windows 10 Build conference Microsoft said:

"We chose the name Microsoft Edge as it reflects our commitment to developers to deliver a browser that lives at the edge of modern web standards and security. Microsoft Edge is a browser built for doing, with built-in note taking and sharing; a reading pane for no distractions; and integration with Cortana."

Microsoft Edge Web Browser

We still know very little about EDGE and its features.

Features of Microsoft Edge Web-Browser for Windows 10:

  • Reading pane for no distractions
  • Integration with Cortana
  • Write directly on Web Pages and share your mark-ups

You can see more about Microsoft Edge in this video:

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