September 20, 2015

5 Methods to Delete-Rename File Error 'In Use' in Windows

Getting the error message 'File is in use' while trying to delete or rename a file?

How to delete or rename a file which is "in use"?

Delete a file is in use windows

5 Methods to delete or rename a file which is in use by Windows

Method 1:

Check whether any program is using that file. If you found any, simply close that program or rename it. And then try again to delete the file.

Method 2:

Restart your computer, sometimes you close a file but Windows Explorer is still using that. After restarting try again.

Method 3:

Boot into Safe Mode then try. If this was not helpful, not to worry try another method.

Method 4:

Check which program is using the file. Open Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) in the processes tab find the program which is using that file. Simply close that process, by right click on it then End Process Tree.

Method 5:

If all above methods are not working for you, then finally try a third party tool. There are so many tools you can find over net. But I recommend "Unlocker". It is small in size simple in use and it adds itself in Windows Context Menu. It helps you to delete or rename a file. Google it.

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