December 22, 2019

Jio Old Recharge Plans Cheap as 444 2GB/Day Can Still Be Used


Just recently the Indian Telecom sector has a considerable increase in recharge prices. Where Airtel and Vodafone Idea raise their recharge prices by 40% (approx). On the other hand, Reliance Jio has been increased its recharge prices by approx 25-30% which is applicable from 6th December 2019. Of course, this has profoundly affected the pockets of all Indian telecom users. But if you have missed the chance to recharge your Jio number with a previous old tariff plan before this price hike, don't worry you can still get the advantage. Cheap old Jio recharge Plans like 444 2GB/Day can still be used.

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If you are a Reliance Jio user, you can save 30% of your recharge amount, which has now increased in every new plan. In short, you can still recharge old Jio Tariff plans, the cheap Reliance Jio recharges. How? Let's know.

This Guide is not just written after deep research. Rather, it is based on our self-experience and we have benefited from the old recharge successfully. Actually, one of our team members has recently got the advantage of the same. On 21 Dec 2019, he recharged his Reliance Jio number with a previous old plan of Rs 444, in which he received 2GB/day and 1000 minutes of non-Jio calling for a period of 3 months (84 days). And the same recharge plan is currently available at Rs 599, with an increase of 25%. So this is what inspired us to write this guide. So that our readers can also save money and get the advantage of Jio Old plans on their next recharge.

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What is Required to Recharge Reliance Jio Old Tariff Plans, the inexpensive Jio recharge?

To avail the benefit of Jio Old Recharge plans you need 2 things. First, there should be no active plan on your Jio number at the time of recharge. Second, you need to login to Reliance Jio official website using a Web Browser (No App please).

How Jio Old Recharge plans can still be used?
Here is the procedure, let's do it now.

Step by Step Guide with Images,

How To Recharge and Use Cheap Old Jio Tariff Plans, Which were Available Before 6 Dec 2019

Step 1: Open Jio Official website using any web browser (don't use the Jio App, use web browser only). You can also use the official Jio Website link given below:

Step 2: Now log in by adding your Jio number in the typing box and hit enter or click 'Get OTP Button' below. Then type the OTP you have just received and you are logged in.

Step 3: Now you can see your account info on this page. Just click on the "Settings" icon on the top right, next to the 'Switch Account' button. See the below image for better understanding.


Step 4: Now a few new options will appear on your screen like 'Payment Settings', 'Suspend and Resume' etc. Click on the last option "Tariff Protection".


Step 5: In the newly opened window, you can see the Jio old tariff plans. Select your favorite plan from the available plans and click on "Buy" just next to it.


Now select your preferred payment method for your selected recharge plan. Then follow the on-screen instructions which will be vary according to your selected payment mode.

And it's done.


You have just successfully recharged your number with a previous inexpensive old Jio recharge plan, the amount of which has been increased recently. But still, you got the benefit by recharging with the old plan and you saved 30% of your money.

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So this is how you can still use the Jio old recharges. We would love to hear from you, please let us know have you taken the Jio previous old recharge plans advantage or not.

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