January 27, 2018

Opera Browser Built-in Unlimited Free VPN - Secure Internet


Stay Safe and Secure Online by Using Built-in Unlimited Free VPN of Opera Browser

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Privacy is very important and essential for everyone, whether it's in your life or in your online presence. And here we are talking about your Online Privacy. Everybody wants to stay safe and Secure while browsing the Internet. Do you want that someone tracks your every move on the internet? Everyone will have only one answer "No, NOT AT ANY COST". Nobody would want that their online presence to be tracked by any individual, hacker, businessman, company or by the government. Everybody wants to surf the Internet privately and securely.

So now, what should we do to make our online presence private and secure? The answer is, we can use the VPN services to stay safe and protected on the Internet. We can hide our browsing activities from everyone by using a good Virtual Private Network.

Before we move ahead, I would like to give a brief overview of VPN, because not everyone is aware of it.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN works as a secure and encrypted tunnel between your computer and the websites you visited or a remote server. Let's try to understand it in a little more simple way.

Usually, a browser connects directly to the websites, and it allows the websites to identify your IP address and your location.
While using a VPN, you connect to websites via its server. Consequently, the server's IP address and location replace your original IP address and location. And every website you visit via a VPN assumes that you're browsing from the location and IP address that actually belongs to the server you have chosen. The connection from your browser to the server is always encrypted.
And because of the virtual location of the server, you can also access any website which blocked on your original IP or location. VPN also helps you to access blocked websites. So yes, this is another advantage of using it.

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Why Choose and Use Opera Built-In Free VPN Service?

Everyone is trying to track what we do on the Internet and we need to know that how to stop them. Not only you and me, we all want a safe and secure web browsing. Using VPN is the very best way to do so, but not everyone can afford the VPN services fees and prices. That is why we need a Free service which provides unlimited surfing without any limit. And luckily, the Opera web browser meets all the requirements that we need in our VPN. Opera is the first major browser which has integrated an unlimited and free VPN.  In short, it has unlimited free VPN.

History of Opera Free VPN:

In the middle-late 2016, Opera launched its new version Opera 40 with built-in browser VPN service. With this release, Opera became the first major browser to release a built-in VPN service. And at the moment in Jan 2020, it is still providing the free VPN and the latest version Opera 65 is in the market.

The key features Pros of Opera's Built-in VPN

  • Free: Opera's Built-in VPN is a totally free service, no hidden charges or trial versions. 
  • Unlimited Data: It allows you to transfer unlimited data. This means that you can surf the Internet and download as much as you want under your Internet plan. Opera Unlimited Free VPN has not defined any limits, it's truly unlimited.
  • Easy to Enable and Use: It is very easy to use once you enabled it in the settings. Just click and flip the VPN button to turn it on or off.
  • No Subscriptions: There is no need to subscribe or register to use this service.
  • 3 Regions / Virtual Locations: There are 3 virtual regions/locations available for surfing the web using Opera VPN. You can safely surf the web by selecting one of these as your virtual location. The optimal location would be selected automatically if you selected none.
  • No extensions: You don't need to install any extensions to use it.
  • Data Usage Check: It has a feature which shows you that how much data you have used this month or per day.

Limitations Cons of Built-in Opera VPN

  • Only for Browser: As the name is describing itself, “Browser Built-in VPN". Means it's designed to work only on the browser. It does not cover your other Internet activities except the browser such as Outlook, Skype, or any other software or service which is using your internet connection.
  • Limited Locations: There are only 3 regions you can use as your virtual location. Americas, Europe, and Asia. You cannot select the IP manually. But I think it is OK for the basic purposes.

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So now let's proceed and find out how to enable and use it.

Step by step guide,

How to Enable and Use the Built-in Unlimited Free VPN of Opera Browser

Step1: Open the Opera browser. If you haven't installed it yet, download its full offline installer package from the below-given link.

Download Opera Full Offline Installer (Official Link)
Step 2: Now from the main menu, select 'Settings'.


Step 3: Click 'Privacy & security' on the right sidebar.

Step 4: Now look for the 'VPN options', then select and tick the "Enable VPN" checkbox under it.

Follow the Image below for Step 3 and 4:


Step 5: Now close the settings tab and open a new tab. There you can see a small box labeled VPN, just at the starting of the address bar/URL bar. Now click on it, then turn it on, and then select the location from which you want to surf. When that VPN box turned blue, it indicates that your connection is encrypted and the VPN is on now. Now you can surf the Internet safe and anonymous.


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My Thoughts (Conclusion):

I feel that despite having some limitations, there are many valuable features that make it a good basic choice as a VPN service. And we should not forget that this is not only a VPN but also a browser, and is available free of cost. This is the best VPN option for basic users and it can fulfill their daily basic needs. But if you want to use it for your business purposes, then I must suggest you go for a Paid service.

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My Ratings: 3.5/5

So this is the step by step guide to Stay Safe and Secure online by Using Built-in Unlimited Free VPN of Opera Browser. Help us to improve by giving feedback and leaving comments. By further improvements, we can provide more useful and valuable IT-related tech guides and articles. Please don't be rude, Tech IT Guides is your friend and is looking for your feedback.