April 16, 2016

Access and Use Computer’s Internet on Android Smartphone

Share Computer's Internet Connection on Smartphone

At present, we cannot imagine our life without Computers and Mobiles. There is a Smartphone almost in every hand and most of the people are using Wi-Fi. But still there are many people, who do not have a Wi-Fi enabled internet connection. And if you don't have a Wi-Fi enabled Internet connection, then Smartphone’s Wi-Fi is useless to you. In such, if you want to access your broadband or dial-up Internet connection on your Android Smartphone, then how would you do that?

The answer is you can access and use your computer's Internet on the Android Smartphone using USB Tethering. I am going to tell you a very simple method, or else I should say that there is no other way easier than that. All you need is a Android Smartphone, USB cable and a working computer with an active internet connection.

So let's start.

Step by Step Guide,

How to Access and Use your Computer's Internet Connection on your Smartphone

This guide is created on Android version 4.3. The pictures shown in this guide may be different, if you are using a newer version than this. But the steps will be almost the same, yeah a slight variation can be found.

Step 1: Connect your Android Smartphone to your Computer via USB data cable.

Turn off your Smartphone Data Connection. After connecting to the computer, your Smartphone will ask you to activate 'mass storage' mode, do not enable the 'USB storage mode' just close it.

Step 2: Go to your Smartphone’s settings and tap 'More' option.

Image Guide Pic-1

Step 3: Then tap on 'USB Internet', the last option. (If this option is not highlighted, it means your Smartphone is not connected to your PC, re-plug the USB Cable.)

Image Guide Pic-2

Step 4: Now select your PC system version (i.e. Windows 7, Windows 8 etc).

Image Guide Pic-3

Step 5: Then tap on 'Next' and then 'Done'.

Image Guide Pic-5Image Guide Pic-4

After taping the done button, you can see the 'USB Internet' is checked and showing the status 'Connected'.

Image Guide Pic-6

Now we have to open the Computer's network connections and setup the Network.

Step 6: Go to 'Control Panel' and open 'Network and Sharing Center'.

Step 7: Then click on 'Change Adapter Settings', on the left side.

Image Guide Pic-7

Step 8: Here you can see a newly added network 'Remote NISD based Internet Connection'. Find out its name, we'll need it later. (It could be Local Area Connection 1, 2, 3, 4 or something similar, in my case it is Local Area Connection 2).

Step 9: Now right click on your Computer’s Internet Connection icon (the one you are using right now) and open its 'Properties'. (In my case it is Airtel).

Image Guide Pic-8

Step 10: Select 'Sharing' from the top menu of the properties dialogue box.

Step 11: Now in the drop down box select the 'New NIDS network name' (the one you found in Step 8), and check mark on the option 'Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection'.

Image Guide Pic-9

Step 12: Then click on 'Settings' and check mark every single service listed there.

Image Guide Pic-10

Step 13: Uncheck the option "Establish a dial up connection whenever…".

Step 14: Now final step, click 'OK, Yes, OK' and close every dialog box.

Congrats, you have successfully shared your computer's Internet connection to your Smartphone. Now you can use your computer's Internet on your Smartphone.

If your Android Smartphone is still not connecting to the web, then disconnect your Smartphone from the computer and reconnect it again. If needed then apply the settings again. (As per my knowledge, it will not require).

How to Use Smartphone's Internet Connection on a Desktop Computer

After using this guide, please share your experience with us. So we can provide even better Tutorial and Guides, which matters most to you. Comment box is waiting for you and off course me too.

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